60mm Interlocking Paver SANS1058 30MPa+
(10 m2 per pallet or 500 bricks)


Price per pallet VAT Inclusive | Excluding delivery.

Prices per pallet 500 bricks per pallet
Colour/s Grey
Thickness 60mm
Length x Width 200mm x 100mm
Strength 30MPa+
No. of bricks per pallet of 60mm 500
No. of m² per pallet of 60mm 10


Pricing per pallet: 500 bricks per pallet




Available in both CMACS/SANS1058 approved & Standard 30MPa+
Standard 30MPa+ refers to a 30MPa+ product that conforms to the older SANS standard in terms of dimension specification.
Also, note that the colours of each product on the Standard 30MPa+ ranges are lighter than their CMACS/SANS-approved counterparts.

Additional information

Interlcoking Paver Colour

Brown, Charcoal, Grey, Red, Tan